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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  October 5, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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go skyward. >> i can't believe this extreme jump. it's unbelievable. >> highway robbery! >> reporter: dave is driving his motorcycle around town to help cut his fuel costs. he has a few choice words for the oil companies. you're not buying it? >> not at all. just one excuse after another. why should we pay because they have a refinery they didn't take care of their stuff and it caught fire at the refinery? you know what i'm saying? it's all -- they are looking for any excuse. >> reporter: she says she will have to cut back on her spending elsewhere. so you fill up your car or have a soda. >> or family. it's a lot of money to me. >> reporter: at this station in cupertino, some of the very highest gas prices and is over $5 a gallon. it's possible this price spike will be short-lived.
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>> it's because of refinery problems and production issues certainly. but we have also seen price spikes. this is a very dramatic one. but we do know that what goes up does come down and often quickly. >> reporter: if there is a breathe spot in any of this, it is for diesel fuel users like brian who has been used to paying more than his unleaded gas counterparts. not anymore. >> every day i top off my tank. >> reporter: back live now here in san jose, we're just off highway 101 and mckee avenue. there are two off-ramp stations selling gas for a mere $4.37 a gallon. it's hard to believe that that would be a bargain under any circumstances but you can see we are getting plenty of lines here as people trying to find any kind of break from these gas prices that they can. elizabeth, back to you. >> we make it easy to find the cheapest gas in your neighborhood. just head to our website, enter your zip code and get the best local prices. the action packed weekend
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around the bay area got under way today with the america's cup races and fleet week on the san francisco waterfront. people left work early for the hardly strictly bluegrass festival in golden gate park and there is more music with the florence & the machine concert at shoreline. our wild weekend continues tomorrow with more of fleet week and the america's cup right along the san francisco waterfront. one northbound lane of the embarcadero is going to be closed to handle the bike traffic. add to that we have a giants play-off game on saturday and another one on sunday, because it's all weekend, the hardly strictly bluegrass festival is going to draw thousands more to golden gate park. then both cal, stanford, they have home football games. and music fans will be jamming roads for a justin bieber concert at oracle arena. then there is a madonna concert at hp pavilion. on sunday, action continues along the san francisco waterfront. there is a second giants play- off game. the hardly strictly bluegrass festival wraps up in golden
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gate park, but you also have the castro street fair and the italian heritage parade in north beach. more football, this time we have the 49ers hosting the buffalo bills. that's at candlestick. madonna has a second concert at hp pavilion and then runners are going to just a minute streets of san jose for the rock and roll half marathon. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington live along the embarcadero now and you got a heads up on the problem areas. >> reporter: the bay bridge, in fact, people are being urged to give themselves one to two hours to get to their events on time. fleet week airshows, america's cup races, 49ers and giants games, just a few of the events happening in san francisco this jam-packed weekend. >> we expect about one million people to come into the city to attend these events. and there's going to be severe impacts to traffic.
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>> reporter: almost nowhere is off limits. chp officer mike ferguson breaks down some of the problem areas drivers might face. a big one any approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. >> i think it's a safe bet it will be at least commute traffic heavy but it could be even worse than that. >> reporter: with traffic expected to go all the way back to the macarthur maze. the fremont and harrison street exits which lead to the embarcadero expected to add to the backup. also, the 280 and 101 interchange especially sunday before the 49ers game approaching candlestick. and off-ramps to the giants game. >> you see the right lanes over here get blocked. we have seen people try to drive on the shoulder. >> reporter: the commute won't get any easier inside the city. >> it's going to be slow moving for anyonewants to drive. once you get to your destination, there's going to be few places to park. >> reporter: so visitors are urged to use public transportation. bart or muni, ride your bike, walk, take a cab. this was the traffic on fulton
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street today near the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. to alleviate some of the problems schools are offering paid parking and chp officers will have out freeway service patrols like tow trucks on hand to clear any disabled cars out of lanes of traffic. >> if their intention is if they can change a tire, give you some water for your radiator or give you a little bit of gas to get you back on your way, that's what they are going to do. >> reporter: people can also call 511 or go to for the latest traffic information. also some people have a three- day weekend with monday being columbus day but it's not a holiday for traffic enforcement. they will be out early monday morning giving out tickets to people at meters and street sweeping zones. in san francisco, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> maybe you saw and heard. past few days the blue angels have been gearing up for the weekend performances. there is a complete schedule of fleet week activities on our website at you can also find a guide to all those other events around the bay area over the weekend.
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new at 5:00 a hayward police officer opened fire on a man after stopping a stolen car this morning. police say the driver had refused to comply and reached for his waistband. that's when officers shot him. it happened near breyer gateway and vanderbilt street. the man was taken to eden medical center. at last check his condition is unknown. a bay area mom accused of ditching her daughter while trying to steal groceries is being kept in jail. the 38-year-old mother went before a judge a few hours ago and cbs 5 reporter len ramirez was in court. len. >> reporter: that's right. we found out a little bit more about 38-year-old marcier he could also known as marcey keeling during her brief court appearance in morgan hill. we now know that she is alleged to have used her daughter to go shoplifting at least once before. in fact, two weeks before at the same safeway store here in morgan hill. they allegedly got away with it that time. that's one reason why she is being charged with one felony count of shoplifting in
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addition to a charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. she was also denied the chance to be released on her own recognizance today because a judge agreed with the prosecutor that she could be a flight risk. >> her daughter's presence in law enforcement custody at the safeway wasn't enough for her to return to the scene. so i didn't think the court or the people would be comfortable that if we released her today that she would come back to court just to make a court appearance. >> reporter: miss keelin allegedly abandoned her 10-year- old daughter while caught shoplifting last week fleeing all the way to nevada where she was discovered. she was just returned to santa clara county last night. she is due to be back in court on october 16th to enter a plea so for now, she is going to remain in santa clara county on $50,000 bail. reporting live in morgan hill, len ramirez, cbs 5. other bay area headlines. san francisco's new roman catholic leader is on probation
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for the next three years. archbishop salvatore cordileone pleaded guilty this week to misdemeanor reckless driving stemming from his dui arrest in august down in san diego. at his installation mass yesterday, the archbishop called the incident a terrible error in judgment. the driver who died in a fiery crash in milpitas this morning happened southbound 880 just south of the 237 interchange. chp says the car burst into flames after the driver lost control and crashed into the shoulder. the driver has not been identified but the chp says the car was registered to a milpitas person. the new jobs number are shaking things up on the campaign trail. the spin from each candidate and the accusations that someone fudged the numbers. happy friday! meteorologist paul deanno with your forecast. the same low pressure area that gave us 100-degree temperatures earlier this week is now heading in our direction having the opposite effect. will the rain arrive this
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weekend? i'll have your forecast coming up. ,,,,,,
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spaces. it's going to be n a million extra people half a million cars only 400,000 parking spaces. tough parking in the city this weekend. cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts with one solution to the parking squeeze. reporter: what's it like trying to find a park space around here when you have outside lands or hardly strictly bluegrass? >> we don't have a car so that's not a problem. >> reporter: but what anna does have is a prime parking spot in the sunset, a neighborhood without nearly enough parking to acome date its frequent festivals. >> there are times when i thought, boy, i should rent out my driveway. but the whole mechanics of the thing finding a person, exchanging money all that was -- eh, too much to deal with. >> reporter: enter park police. one of a growing number of websites and apps that connect driveway owners with people searching for parking and takes care of the transactions for
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them. at events like fleet week america's cup and hardly strictly bluegrass provide prime opportunity to promote these prime parking spots. >> we have been, you know, getting, you know, hundreds and hundreds of unique, you know, local neighbors, you know, listing their empty parking space or even in some case even moving their cars to sort of capitalize on all this extra traffic. >> reporter: he says driveway rent it's go from $15 to $90 depending location and yes, there is a premium on busy weekends. they have about 1,000 driveways so far but park please isn't the only game in town. >> we just launched in san francisco about two weeks ago. >> reporter: parking panda is a baltimore-based company that has fewer local driveways but also lets you reserve a spot in a garage. cofounder nick miller believes the increase in driveway rental competition is encouraging. >> other people being out there means more people are becoming aware of the way, you know, that you can book parking online. >> good to see you again. >> reporter: but park please believes that their certainly service sets them apart from the rest in an industry dominated by technology they
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personally verify each driveway. the key they believe to success. >> you already have a reservation for tomorrow, too, right? >> yes. >> great. good. an unexpected drop in the unemployment rate today. how the new numbers are shaking up the presidential campaign. dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding. erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that.
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developing news out of syria. pressure in the united nations
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has forced syrian forces to back away from the turkish border. turkey is firing back after a syrian mortar shell landed in its country. no injuries have been reported so far. this follows wednesday's shelling of a turkish town that killed five civilians. a new government report shows the unemployment line is shrinking and more americans are finding jobs. the latest job numbers surprised wall street could have an impact on the presidential race certainly. cbs reporter tara mergener has more from washington. >> reporter: president obama was all smiles at a rally in virginia. the labor department says the economy added 114,000 jobs in september and the unemployment rate dropped from 8.1 to 7.8%. >> the unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest level since i took office [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: but a major drop in unemployment right before the election has some questioning the results. former general electric ceo and mitt romney supporter jack
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welch went as far as suggesting the obama administration manipulated the report. he tweeted unbelievable jobs numbers. these chicago guys will do anything. can't debate so change numbers. >> reporter: the white house calls welch's insinuation, quote, utter nonsense and most republicans are steering clear of the former ceo's comments including mitt romney. the republican nominee says many of the new jobs are only part time. and that's not what a real recovery looks like. >> even those that have jobs are having tough times. the middle class is being squeezed with higher and higher costs and with incomes that have gone down. >> reporter: the report was good news on wall street but investors remain wary. >> it's all everyone saying here we go everything is turning the corner. it's not! >> reporter: but history says the latest jobs report could play a part in the election. no president has been re- elected with unemployment above 8% since the great depression. tara mergener for cbs news, the white house. one of the hottest fashion brands in the world opened its
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first store in the west coast today. hundreds waited in line to go into uniqlo in san francisco's union square. the chain started in japan and attracts a wide variety of customers. >> so this is the hottest thing going right now this flannel shirt? >> yeah. this is a good shirt for the fall and winter season. >> reporter: this looks like the same shirt i bought in 1965. the style hasn't changed too much? >> patterns or every year we upgrade the patterns and colors based on the trends. it's night. >> reporter: flannel shirt, $29.90. that's it you want hot fashion now aday? flannel shirt, right? >> yes. [ laughter ] >> well, uniqlo recently opened four stores in new york and new jersey. the company said it wanted to open in the bay area because this is the hotbed of
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technology and creativity. >> you will need long-sleeved shirts for the next few days. >> it will be cold. bust out flannel. old-fashioned always comes around. so does the weather. hot to start the week and those clouds you see out sight painting a beautiful sky color and a change taking shape this weekend. then it will hit us for the top of next weeks. clouds behind the bay bridge, as well. outside right now, only 68 for concord, san francisco downtown 66, the u.s. mint. livermore 70. san jose 71. santa rosa 69 degrees. let me get you through tonight first because so many of you head out friday night getting up early maybe hitting a garage sale tomorrow morning. san rafael 49, chilly napa 48. fremont 52. mountain view 55. san jose down to 54. fleet week blue angels man are those pilots awesome! weather will be good, not great. partly cloudy skies. there will be clouds and it will be chilly near the bay. 63 degrees. a lot of cloud cover moving in from the south and from the west. this is the upper level low
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pressure area that's destabilizing the atmosphere and as it does clouds will be more prevalent as we get through the weekend so that low we were talking about yesterday, it's about 50 or 100 miles closer. it's on its way here giving us the onshore flow. and a partly sunny weekend. thankfully, it's knott going to be right over top of us -- it's not going to be right over top of us until monday. saturday and sunday dry, cannot say the same about monday, tuesday and wednesday as upper level low pressure is over top of you was. there is a chance of some showers for most of next week. three straight days of a shower chance, nothing too heavy or widespread. but scattered showers will be out there starting monday. weekend is going to be mild but not warm. oakland only 68. concord 75. and san jose 72 degrees. those are about 5 or 7 degrees cooler than normal. mountain view tomorrow 71. union city 69. hayward 68 degrees. walnut creek 75. pittsburgh 72. pleasanton 75 partly sunny skies in the afternoon. san raphael 72. kentfield 70. downtown san francisco i have been told about a million folks are going to be heading down there your high tomorrow
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65 degrees. here is your extended forecast. we're looking after the highs topping out only in the mid- 60s over the weekend. saturday and sunday. but we stay dry. look at monday, tuesday and wednesday a decent chance of showers each day. we'll clear it out for one day on thursday, but the chance of showers comes back on friday. once again, nothing too heavy but showers do move in starting monday. it is fleet week and roberta gonzales has been showing you the best of fleet week all week long. where are you tonight? >> reporter: tonight we're at little marina green. mobile5 came here earlier after beginning the day earlier on the other side of the bay bridge at landmark aviation. that's where i met up with some pilots because that's a staging area for all the pilots who will be participating in fleet week. and i went ahead, i got on the aerobatic plane and talked to the pilot about the weather conditions necessary in order for him to fly a successful mission tomorrow. you'll hear what he has to say coming up later tonight at 6:00. plus, we are going to take you
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on that exclusive ride aboard that aerobatic plane. we did 10 different maneuvers, 10 different rolls because as you know, paul, the question was pristine today for flying. will that be the case for these pilots? they tell me the restrictions as far as the cloud deck is concerned on saturday and sunday so all that still to come exclusively right here on cbs 5. reporting from little marina green, roberta gonzales. >> too fun. but my stomach was starting to -- >> that little marina green but she wasn't a little green. she was okay. >> a trooper. >> roberta probably had a good time. >> quite a thrill. >> a lot of stuff to do this week. it's not going to be a bad weekend but it's not going to be sunny and warm. monday when we are sunny and 95 degrees, nothing like that this weekend. but still decent. >> pack a jacket. >> why not. >> there you go. >> thanks, paul. fighting an epidemic of dental disease one baby at a time. the bay area program making a difference. next.
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back. the experts say that we are facing an epidemic of dental disease. but one bay area county is fighting back. >> adding basic dental services to the wick program the federally funded nutrition program for women, infants and children. reporter: little baby kamaya has cut her first little baby teeth. >> when you brush, lift of the lip. >> reporter: so it's time for the first check-up. >> this is twice a day after she eats in the morning and close to bedtime. >> say ah. >> reporter: and her first fluoride treatment. >> fluoride is like vitamins
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for the teeth. you're beautiful. >> thank you. >> this is a new idea that a baby 9 months to a year in age should be seeing the dentist. >> reporter: it's all part of a program in alameda county. the goal to help fight an epidemic of dental disease. >> 28% of children in kindergarten and third grade have untreated dental disease. now if you look at the low income population, that number doubles. >> one, two, three, four... >> reporter: the program offers basic preventative services. >> you're so cute. let's take a look. >> reporter: health education to caregivers of children as young as nine months of age. >> what can we do to prevent tooth decay in babies and young children? >> no soda, no juice. >> reporter: they talk about what should and should not be in the bottle. and about good food choices. >> you're supposed to stay away from those sugary things, cookies and things like that has a tendency to stick to the teeth and gums and sets up
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bacteria and decay. >> he will get one morrisette of molars in each corner. >> reporter: the benefits are huge. they have cut the level of dental disease in half. >> they are thrilled to know that their children do not have to have dental disease and when they learn that, they're willing to make dietary changes. >> reporter: and make healthy habits to last a lifetime. >> say bye! >> see you later! >> reporter: more than half of all babies born in california are born to moms who are enrolled in the wic program. it's a perfect way to reach parents when their children are really young. the pilot program in alameda has been so successful, they are seeking federal funding to expand it across the state. makes a huge difference. >> yeah. >> it's astounding. she was so young. i remember when my boys were little, we had to hold them down -- >> she was calmer than me. >> reporter: she was so relaxed. that's another big plus about having kids come in early. they are just, why not? >> right. >> there's that benefit in the
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nutrition pays off in another way, too. >> reporter: yeah. so many good things about this program. i can't stress that great information. >> good deal. >> reporter: starting early. >> have a good weekend. >> you, too we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight. live (cries)" busy in the control room and here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news tonight. >> my son's life... [ crying ] >> the suicide of a teacher brought a bay area community to
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tears. well, now a top cop reaches out hoping to ease the distress. tonight, police explain exactly why they arrested him. beer sales up for the first time in years. how those lagers and ales porter and stouts are a picture of health for our economy. that and more at 6. sure a lot of those beers are going to be consumed this weekend with all the events. >> it is the weekend. yes. be warm because it's not going to be that warm outside this weekend. it's going to be a fine weekend partly sunny saturday and sunday. any rain showers hold off until next week but upper 60s near the bay, mid-70s inland and as for the rainfall, nothing widespread or heavy but there are several days next week monday through wednesday each day with a chance of some showers. so pattern is changing. >> good skies for the blue angels. >> good not great. low cloud cover but not crystal clear blue. >> all right. "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. captions by: caption colorado comments@captioncolo.c


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